Membersip Benefits


As an Associate with FMG, you benefit from the following:
1.The FMG Platform opportunity is built around wealth enhancing products and services which create the platform for members to earn mouthwatering commissions from businesses introduced by them.
2. FMG, is the next billion dollar brand is new in the world; entered the global market in 2013 So joining FMG Wealth Platform now means a rare opportunity to benefit from its exponential growth over the coming years.
3.The large market in Nigeria provides huge opportunity for making money. It only makes sense to be part of this massive opportunity.
4.You do not need an office, employees or big capital to start your FMG Platform business. There is a ready-made business and marketing system you can use and a proven product to work with. You only need to recruit and to build a team starting from your family members, friends, and Colleagues who when they join your team will also be working for themselves just like you.
5. FMG Platform compensation plan is simple, attractive and real. There are several Nigerians who are already earning N 1,000,000 a month from their FMG Platform business. (Selling 3 to 5 houses they don’t pay for at a premium and buy their own free with proceeds on it)
6.There is no limit to how much you can earn in FMG Platform and how fast you can progress. You can become a FMG Platform Director in 12 months, one year, two years etc. There is also no limit to the number of people that can reach the top executive ranking in FMG. It all depends on you.
7. No experience is required, no requirement for a Degree, your Phd, your status, where you come from, who you know in FMG Platform Management etc do not count. What counts is your ability to see the vision and to go all the way in performing to achieve stupendous success for yourself and others.
8.FMG Platform works and by restoring the wellbeing of so many people around Nigeria, is bringing hope and joy to millions of individuals and families
9. Access to Mortgage with no requirement for Down payment using NHF
10. Buy Land and Houses with your Mouth, Rent or buy at 30% to 50% of the real market Value.
11. An Exceptional Compensation Program with potentials to earn in excess of N1m Monthly
12. Free access to our basic wealth Education consultation for members that empower them to start business with little or no capital.
13. Access to Mortgage with no requirement for Down payment using NHF
14. Buy Land and Houses with your Mouth, Rent or buy at 30% to 50% of the real market Value
15. Access to group Health Insurance Benefits
16. Comprehensive Training Programs, including field Training
17. Access to Pension Plan
18. A Mentoring leadership model that offers you the expertise of leaders who have been where you are now, and are dedicated to seeing you succeed.
19. Agreements with some of the most highly respected companies in insurance, real estate and financial services industries, allowing you to provide the power of choice to your clients. Recognizing your Accomplishments.
Not only rewarded through the work you do-helping to provide financial education to people so that they may have better future- but FMG also believes in recognizing Associates for their drive, dedication and determination. FMG offers this recognition through a variety of awards and rewards, including: Rewards: FMG honors the company's rising stars who have earned a cash flow over a rolling month period of N 10, 000, 000. These Associates receive a Car that features the FMG logo. N 25M Ring Club: Becoming a Member of the Car Owners is an esteemed honor. Inductees initially receive a Toyota Corolla car with the FMG branding. New upgrade with each executive level promotion achieved by the Associate, additionally the car model is changed as the Associate achieves different levels of cash flow. Reward Trips: FMG exciting reward trips offer Associates Fantastic Opportunities to see amazing places and enjoy elegant amenities at destinations around the globe. Major trips include:
1. Escape to Paradise-Luscious scenery awaits Associates in a tropical oasis on the company's annual trip to the paradise of Obudu Cattle Ranch. Here Associates find a tranquil place to relax and rejuvenate, and ready themselves to conquer the world when they return home.
2 World Quest-Associates who qualify for the World Quest reward trip will travel to an exotic, international destination. Many of these reward trips provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for fun and adventure. Past outings have included a cruise to the Caribbean, a trip to Senegal, as well as a Mediterranean cruise with stops in Venice, Italy, Croatia.
Head Office Support
As an Associate they will be backed by the marketing and administrative muscle of the FMG Executive Headquarters and the support of experienced field leaders who've each built a successful financial services business from the ground up. The more than 50 employees at the headquarters will go to work each day with one goal in mind: helping Associates build their business. These employees and every leader in the field will be dedicated to helping Associates succeed with.
1. Training on how to Sell
2. Agent Services
3. Provider Relationship Development
4. Professional Marketing Materials
5. Technology Support
6. Corporate Intranet that gives you 24-hour access to important business tools, such as Commission Statements, Product Provider information, Company News, and more...
7. Corporate Website to help introduce potential clients and Associates to FMG.
In addition to the rewards Associates will receive from helping families achieve financial independence, FMG believes in recognizing and rewarding its Associates for their initiative, drive and, ultimately, their success. With one of the most comprehensive recognition programs in the industry, FMG system will design schemes to inspire and motivate Associates to aspire to and achieve greatness. At FMG, Associates can be rewarded by creating a lifestyle and career where they are in control. As an Independent Business owner with FMG, they can:
1. Be their Own Boss
2. Take Charge of their Career
3. Set their Own Schedule
4. Choose when and how they spend time with family and friends
5. Prepare for their Own Financial Future
6. Grow their Career with their Personal Drive for Results
Their only Competition being themselves!