Your Earning Potential


FMG Wealth Platform offers an excellent income opportunity, whether you are participating in the business on a part-time, twin-career basis or on a full-time basis. FMG attractive compensation system offers a number of additional incentives, including:
1. A percentage of profit on Training programs facilitated
2. A percentage of profit on Contracts facilitated
3. Percentage of the brokerage commission for every Insurance business facilitated
4. Agency fees on Property Sales
5. Half the price for sales promo on our Real Estate schemes
6. A free house for every hundred houses sold in our real estate schemes
7. Supervisory overrides on Commissions earned by Associates Introduced
8. Bonus pools and more
9. The FMG Marketing Group Compensation and Promotion Guidelines are subject to change at any time. **Registered representatives only.

FMG Wealth Platform wants to see all of its Associates succeed. That's why FMG provides you with the Corporate Support and benefits you need to build a strong business. When you become a member of FMG, you and your business will benefit from:
1. The strength and credibility that comes with being a Member of a respected corporate family.
2. National spread all over the Country.
3. Contract and product agreements already negotiated with credible product provider companies, providing the power of choice through the ability to sell many products instead of only one.
4. Leveraging the relationships that FMG has forged with many of country’s leading Companies.
5. An attractive, multigenerational compensation program.
6. The possibility of stock options.
7. Access to an Associate Group Health Insurance Program for you and your family.
8. Comprehensive Training programs designed to get you confirmed as an Associate and get your business up-and-running.
9. Access to the latest Technology.
10. A mentoring business model that allows you to learn from some of the most experienced leaders in the financial services industry, all of whom are dedicated to seeing you succeed.