Land Owners

Land Owners

FMG welcomes land owners around the country who are willing to offer their land for our real estate partnership scheme where they earn in return a percentage of the built up estate. We are in a position to offer the following:

On Land Partnership

1- 10% down payment with balance plus 20% premium paid within 6 months
2- Value of land plus 20% of the total profit on the Estate
3- Collaboration 50% of the Net profit of the profit from the Estate project.
4- A percentage of the built up estate in compensation for the land offered

However, specific deals that falls out of this scope will be determined on a case by case basis Interested Land owners are required to provide us with the following:

copies of the titled documents of the land, an indemnity letter to indemnify us from encumbrances, their preferred designs for the estate and any other preferences in building style, look and feel as well as letter of commitment to participate by assigning their land to be used for the scheme. - See more at:

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