FMG Wealth Platform is a marketing company whose Associates, through its affiliated Companies, offers a broad array of wealth enhancing products and services ensuring financial freedom for its Members.

Associates are positioned to make money on the side helping people, providing Wealth Education,facilitating Contracts, Training, Insurance and Real Estate Businesses on Commission bases.

The Platform is dedicated to helping individuals and families from all walks of life no matter their background and financial situations, have access to our wealth enhancing products and services that can help them achieve financial independence full or part time!

With FMG financial freedom is possible as you can make in excess of N1m monthly on the side with FMG's various wealth enhancing products and services, become a land lord with your Mouth, Rent and can buy lands or houses at 30% to 50% of the real value. Help people with jobs and lots more!

Are you satisfied with your Job and Earning?....when you divide what you earn monthly by 30 days, is it worth your while? With FMG you can make in excess of N1m monthly on the side employing people that are Smarter, Richer and more influential than you working for you, that you don't pay salaries effortlessly.


For anybody you introduce to the platform you Earn N4,000 bonus as they sign on. You Earn 10% of whatever amount the People you introduce make from businesses they attract to FMG.

You Earn 20% from the profit made for every Training mandate secured by you, 25% from profit of contract facilitated by you and executed by us, 35% of the brokerage commission earned from Insurance businesses introduced by you.

Make in excess of 50% pa with FMG Real Estate schemes in 6 to 12 Months! Buying Lands or Houses at 30% to 50% of the real value off plan and sell before or when completed at 100% to 300% or sell back to FMG at 50% to 100% premium on what you bought for, to non members within 6 to 12 months!

Make in excess of N10m selling 10 or more properties to organised Cooperatives at a huge discount.


Become a land lord with your Mouth Selling 3 to 5 properties with FMG real estate scheme and buy yours with profit made on your sales

Become a land lord with your Rent FMG provide Real Estate packages to organised Cooperatives who join FMG where their Members can use their rents to become land lords stress free.

Do mortgages for Real Estate without need for Down Payment. FMG offer organised member Cooperative the opportunity to own their own homes through a mortgage bank without providing any down payment.

Buy land and houses at 30% to 50% of the real value i.e You can buy a Bungalow worth N10m for N3m as a Member of FMG
Make in excess of 100%p.a from FMG Real Estate Scheme Selling properties you buy at 30% to 50% of the real value off plan at a premium. (You can buy a N10m Bungalow for N3m off plan with FMG and sell at N6m plus when completed)


• Make money attracting people to join FMG Wealth Platform! Attract and refer people to join the platform and Earn N4,000 bonus as they sign on.
• Invite People to our weekly seminer at 4pm every Tuesday in our Office
• Book an Appointment for us to meet with your high networth individuals
• Refer People to our website at www.fmgnigeria.com
• Organise a Seminar at your Office, Religious group, Cooperative and Societies for FMG, 50% of the people who join FMG will be registered under you(You will earn N4,000 on sign ons and 10% of whatever they Earn going forward.)
• Engage and attract Strategic Prospect by paying their membership fee with just N20,000(Less N4,000) and make in excess of N1m from commission earned by them with FMG From Prospects like Religious Leaders, Cooperative Chairmen, Bank Managers, Key Civil Servants, Politicians and High Networth Individuals.
• Opportunities for fresh and unemployed graduates. Job seekers can join our fulltime Trainee program and Earn in excess of N100,000 in the first month and over N1m monthly there after.


With FMG Financial Freedom is Possible. You can be your own boss, earn your worth, have time for your family and still attain financial freedom.

Free Wealth Consultation! Members can access free wealth consultation on their dreams and business initiatives with FMG
You can combine FMG with whatever your do! You can continue in your career while doing this by the side making money with FMG. It’s convenient and easy. Everybody needs a plan B!

Join FMG Wealth Platform today! Become your own boss, Earn what you are worth, make in excess of N1m monthly on the side with FMG's various wealth enhancing products and services. Become a land lord with your Mouth, Rent and Buy properties at 30% to 50% of the real value and lots more! for more information on how to join FMG Wealth Platform call 234-9-7801835, 234-8052551000, visit our website www.fmgnigeria.com/francisokumagba follow us on Twitter @fmgplatform, like our facebook page FMG Platform. Join now, LETS MAKE WEALTH TOGETHER WITH FMG!

Our Corporate Office is at:
FMG Associates Limited
T.Y Danjuma Foundation Building (2nd Floor) Plot 2015, Oda Crescent Off Dar Salam Street Same Street with Open University, Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse ll – Abuja