5 Low-Cost Technology Solutions for Every Business

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5 Low-Cost Technology Solutions for Every Business

From software to appliances, technology can be a business owner’s best friend. It can help you work more efficiently, find more customers, and save money while doing it. Here is a high-level look at 5 areas where technology can help your business become more profitable and productive.

01 Online Business Training

As a business owner, knowledge and a desire to continue expanding your experience is invaluable. With unlimited time and a boundless budget, you could travel the world to participate in live training and educational events. Of course, most of us are restricted by limited finances and time challenges, so that’s usually not realistic.

Self-paced training and ICT training programs are an excellent way to expand your know-how, right from the comfort of your own home or office when it suits you best. There are a number of exceptional online business training resources that cover just about any topic you’d want to learn about. Once you know how to select an online business training program, the possibilities are endless.

02 Help Desk Applications

Customer Service Representative

Customer service is important for all business owners. One of the ways you can incorporate customer service into your business and into your website is through a help desk/customer service application. These tools enhance your ability to be responsive to your clients’ needs and can make the process of managing relationships a lot smoother.

Digital tool for producivity

03 Online File Conversion

Female Video Editor Works with Footage and Sound on Her Personal Computer. She Works Late. Her Office is Modern and Creative Loft Studio.

If you have to convert an unusual file format and don’t have the necessary software, or if you’re working from a different computer, online file conversion tools can make the process fairly quick and painless. There are services to convert documents, audio/video files and even graphics to a new file format.

04 Remote Desktop Applications

Man working on a laptop in a coffee shop

Again, technology solidifies the connection between business owners and mobility. Having access to your primary computer and all of the data on it when you are out of your office — and being able to view or modify it from your iPad or smartphone — can give you an edge when it comes to managing your business.

Remote desktop access applications, can keep you connected even when you’re not sitting at your desk.

05 Screencasting Tools

Businessmen having video conference on laptop
Hill Street Studios / Getty Images

Screencasting is creating a movie that shows specific activity on your computer screen with voice-over narration that you can share with others. Screencasts can be used for a number of purposes including tutorials, demonstrations, and lessons. There is quite a variety of screencasting tools available to business owners with varying levels of complexity and functionality.

Leverage Technology Solutions to Grow Your Small Business

As low-cost technology solutions continue to become more prevalent and accessible, it’s a no-brainer that business owners are turning to these technologies to help them expand their business. FMG Platform ICT hub can help you understand your business financials better and give you the data and power to increase productivity in your business. Not to mention our free consultation discount season!

What are you waiting for? Try us today to see how our digital technology tools can help you save time, work more efficiently, acquire more customers, and save money while using it.

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