8 sure ways of being an Outstanding Corper in the Orientation Camp

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8 sure ways of being an Outstanding Corper in the Orientation Camp

just the thought of camping with thousands of youths from different parts and cultures in Nigeria can really be unsettling. We all tend to feel this initial awkwardness at the onset but which gradually wanes away with time.

How can you begin to feel confident about the NYSC orientation camp?

If someone told you that you could take away your anxiety, and even get to be outstanding among your colleagues in the camp would you doubt it?

Everyone likes to feel special. So everyone would grab at an opportunity to feel special or outstanding. Maybe you have never had an opportunity to stand out in your life because it just seems like there is always someone who is always faster than you to see and grab at this that chance.

Today I am going to reveal Eight important ways to come out outstanding in the camp that many of your mates might not know before going to the camp. This could be your way to be a star in the next three weeks. I would not say there is no harm in being one or not being one but who wants to be another unnoticed shadow among walking beings.

How to Grab that One Week Fame

There is no specific path towards becoming outstanding or having a bit of fame in the orientation camp. Here are some positions and activities that can bring you to the lime light in the camp.

1.Join Parade/Special Squad
Parade marching is a one way to come out in the camp. If you able to follow your commanders instructions and learn fast your instructor could be impressed by your marching and make you parade head. This would make you more known among your platoon and during the camp passing out marching.
Apart from the platoon marching crew some few corp members are selected to serve as special squad. At least one person is picked from each platoon. With a good practice and eventual good performance you could be one of the selected few.

2.Join Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS)
The department responsible for the radio house of the camp is another way to become popular in the camp. Most of those who get to be part of this department are used in many ways and are usually in the lead of many programs as M.C, devotion leaders, lecture table heads and others. In this many ways they become known and admired by many who they might not know themselves.

3.Be A Platoon Executive
Every platoon has executives such as the platoon leader, the secretary, the sports director, social director and others. These ones take the lead in various vital activities carried out by the group. You can come out to for any of this post. Who knows you might be elected in. These positions might require some work and sacrifice for the platoon but the joy that comes after far out ways any work stress.

In every camp there is a competition between platoons to sort out the most beautiful girl in the camp or the most macho guy in the camp.

If you got what it takes you can always come out. Don’t be shy, it is just for a fun way of passing out time in the camp and you never know you could be in line as the most beautiful queen or most macho guy.

Remember you will need to know how to do some cat walking, some dancing, and some boldness to walk around amidst some yelling and cheers, and a six pack and a bulging chest for the guys.

5.Join Kitchen Volunteers
Volunteering for kitchen work is another way to get popular in the camp. Those in this capacity are expected to be in the kitchen to cook or to serve food during their platoons turn to cook. The job to cook for some thousands of people can be tasking but it could be rewarding in raising your fame and to say the least securing you a special meal for a full day.

Their presence at the kitchen would attract the attention of corp members who would love to get closer to them likely to get some meal favors.

6.Join Sports
Sporting activities is another way in which those who think they have sporting skills shines. If you know how to play then you have a better reason to have more people having your name in their tongue throughout the sports period and beyond. If you are a disappointing player you can still have your name on their tongue but maybe in a different way.

7.Join Drama/Dance Crew
The drama and dance completion becomes a fine way to be known in the camp. Be ready to wow your viewers with your acting and dancing prowess. This would bring you a lot of cheers and admiration from corp members.

8.Be a Room leader
Every room in the camp has a room leader. If you are chanced to be one everyone in your room would know you. With a good leadership and relationship attitude you can win more friends and some sense of popularity.
Not all of us would become popular in the camp. Yet that doesn’t stop you from getting known among your chosen friends. Do not hide away by being shy it pays no one, show the best of your character, crack your best jokes if you are good at that, display a friendly and playful attitude and also a good sense of maturity. These little things can go a long way to win you friends or win you some popularity among your camp mates.

I hope you don’t acquire fame from bad things or bad character in the camp. I can remember some guys who were caught smoking in the middle of the night and were brought out in front of the camp during morning devotion. This is fame but for the wrong reasons. I hope you don’t go after that.
Thank you for reading through another of my article. I wish you the best kind of fame in your camp. Please drop a comment before you leave. For now, goodbye, till we meet again.

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