Business Promotion Grant

    Portrait of a beautiful woman in an apron holding a digital tablet in a coffee shop


    Goodnews: FMG Nigeria has launched its latest round of business promotion grant which aims to help business owners, start ups and existing NGOs to promote and sell what they do.

    Ahhna: It is no news that the world we live in today has gone digital, with the effects of covid-19, most business strive through online payment, online bookings, online enquiries and online consultations.

    Goodnews: All eligible participants are invited to apply for this grant of up to 350,000 through a competitive process. The funding will cover direct cost on website development, digigtal branding, 3D animations and E-Commerce.

    Ahhna: For full details, conditions and application form, please visit our website businesses must submit applications before noon 16th August 2020. All successful applicants will be notified.




    • Visit our website and fill out the application form. You can find the links to our website on any of our social media platforms.
    • On the application, you would be required to provide your business name which would be used to create a business promotional post for every contestant. It would be used to count your vote.
    • Follow all our social media platforms, like and share the business post that was created for your business with the #FMG Nigeria and #FMG (Your business name).
    • Invite your friends to vote by following our page, like and comment on your business post. Winners would be selected based on the number of follows, likes and comments on your business post.