FMG Platform offer strategically well packaged wealth enhancing products and services to its Members and Associates at very huge discounts. Providing them the opportunity to make money helping people they mentor to take advantage of them on a commission bases as they access the products and services through them.

FMG Real Estate Hub offers its stress and risk free Home Ownership scheme that offers Properties for acquisition and investment purposes to his Members and Clients where they can;

  • Buy Properties with their Mouth
  • Buy a House with their Rent or Rents from their tenants
  • Buy Properties with a year or two years Bank interest
  • Buy Properties with the equivalent of the equity contribution made for Mortgage
  • Do Mortgage without need for Down payment
  • Make in excess of 20%p.a with Real Estate investment
  • Buy land and houses at 20% to 50% of the real value and lots more!

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