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Do You Have Any Questions?

01.What is FMG all about, what do they do?

FMG is a Mentoring, Business Consulting and Empowerment Company with interest in Mentoring, Business Consultation, Empowerment, ICT, Business Support Services, Insurance, Training and Real Estate. We expose people to making money and make their money work for them? We also help people make money, own their own homes and provide them with insurance protection and extra stream of income that ensure financial independence for them.

02. What type of opportunity does FMG Offer?

FMG Platform provide Mentorship and Business Consulting that position its Members to succeed in what they do or chose to do, OPPORTUNITIES for them to create wealth using its platforms of generating COMMISSIONS from Its highly discounted, strategically packaged products & services. Members can make money facilitating businesses, employing people that are Smarter, Richer and more influential working for them that they don’t pay salaries. Become landlord with their Mouth, Rent or buy properties at 30% to 50% of the real value that they can keep or sell at a premium to non-Members. With FMG Members can become landlords within a year without a dime in their pockets

03. What is the Earning potential of FMG?

The earning potential is really up to the individual. As the Mentorship and Business consulting position them to succeed in what they do or choose to do. Some FMG Associates work the business part-time to help supplement their income, while others work the business full-time earning substantial incomes from its strategically well package products and services.

04. What if i don’t have the Money to start?

Sign up on line at www.fmgnigeria.com, like our facebook page fmgplatform and follow us on Twitter @fmgplatform and begin to get information about what is going on. Make a commitment and get attached to the person that introduced you, invite people and make sales through them sharing the proceeds and benefits accruing from the businesses introduced, you can then sign on from your earnings.

05. Why do i have to become a Member of FMG Platform?

That is what qualifies you to participate and enjoy the Membership benefits. Only fully registered Members can get the Consulting/Mentorship, make money with our wealth enhancing products and services and the discounts for the business support services offered

06. How can I join the FMG Platform?

Make payment of the nonrefundable Membership fee in the office or directly into our Access Bank FMG Platform Empowerment Ltd Account # 0708313224 ,fill the Membership form, obtain a receipt and your Membership kit at our office at FMG Platform House 11 Dakala Street Off Parakou Street Opp 1st Forty Hotel Wuse II Abuja, or during any of our Seminars’ or Sign up on the FMG Platform website www.fmgnigeria.com at our Facebook page FMGPlatform or use our Mobile App to sign up following the direction provided

07. What is a sign-up fee?

The signup fee is a nonrefundable Administrative fee you pay to enlist as a Member of FMG Platform. It is currently N20, 000 for Individuals and N100, 000 for Cooperatives and Corporate organization

08. Do people really make money doing this?

Yes, but the only people who do are those who treat this like a business and work at it every day. Money is made when products or services are sold within your network, so if you want to earn a solid income, you'll need to help a network of people who are introducing businesses or buying and selling wealth enhancing products or services. The Company provides excellent training and will be there to help you succeed, but ultimately the success or failure of your business is up to you.

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