We provide Mentorship to our Members and their Clients that position them to succeed in what they do or chose to do, that can possibly lead to attaining financially independent, secure Employment, start most businesses with little or nothing, increase the volume, productivity, and profitability of whatever they are into, handle the fears of Retirement with a complimentary consultation to see them through life in retirement, expose them to how their monies can work for them.

This is designed to reduce unemployment, Poverty crime rate, and corruption significantly, take people out of the settlement camps for the internally displaced, make our Graduates more eligible to be employed, start most businesses with little or nothing, poorly earning workers start something to take them of poorly paid employment, young Entrepreneurs increase their productivity and profitability and business owner exposed to how their monies can efficiently work for them.

We do this in collaboration with Parents, organizations, Government Agencies, and development partners as they sponsor the training, mentorship and provide grants required to start them up/ Given the opportunity the mentorship can reduce unemployment, poverty, crime rate, and corruption significantly.

What is required is reorientation and a bit of basic wealth and financial education with a bit of business support services


FMG Members can access Business Consultancy to increase their Business output, Productivity, and Profitability of their businesses, their products and services are exposed on our FMG marketplace complimentary and given the right publicity to enable them to reach out to a larger market by way of the various social media exposure, many can jump-start their business selling goods and services for people or people with talents using this medium make money and establish their business without a dime, they are also shown how they can expand their businesses using competition to expand their businesses or just Five strategic Customers to achieving the required volume of sales to succeed in their sales effort and as they help people around them to also access this Consultancy service, they are able to make money as they earn sign-on bonuses and a percentage of whatever they earn from the highly discounted well-packaged products and services FMG Platform offers For example, a Caterer who bakes a cake with an average earning of N100, 000 on receiving our Mentorship started making in excess of N1, 000,000 Monthly. Missus with a salary of N50, 000 started making in excess of N500, 000 monthly Our Business development and consulting platform position our Associates business owners as better and successful Entrepreneurs


FMG in collaboration with its affiliate FMG Insurance Brokers ltd (FMGIB) offers Members and its Client insurance brokerage services that reduce their insurance coverage costs as well as provide a platform for them to make money while referring and recommending insurance business prospects to FMGIB on Commission basis. This entitles them to enjoy a lot of savings through insurance audit and help them understand the technicalities of Insurance, which they may not be conversant with, get relevant risk management advice, keep the clients abreast of development in the industry and even arrange insurance cover at competitive rates for clients.

FMGIB has all the required regulatory capacity, professional indemnity of N1.2billion. FMG Members can attract insurance brokerage business and share in the proceeds being an affiliate Company of FMG.


FMG Training Hub offers Complimentary knowledge-sharing sessions, to expose Members and the various groups’ organizations, Cooperatives, Societies, and Religious groups to our basic wealth education program that can position them to succeed in what they do or chose to do. Offer our housing solutions that offers affordable properties at 30% to 50% of the real value. This gives them the opportunity to attract potential clients for Mentorship and Business consultation as well as Capacity Building programs that can earn them a sign-on bonus and a percentage of the proceeds of training mandate attracted A Member who introduces a Training Manager, NGOs, organizations, Government Agencies will earn a percentage of what we are paid to empower people. For example, a Member who introduces a Political

leader, to empower people in their constituency to boost political patronage with our Basic Wealth Education Programme that positions participants to Start business with little or nothing to accelerate their Business volumes, productivity, and profitability, if the client pays N5M for the exercise, can earn

as much as N1m in commission FMG also offers various training programs online, that Members can benefit from at a huge discount rate as well, download their own training programs that they can earn money from. This is made possible by our team of Professional Facilitators


FMG ICT Hub offers strategically well packaged highly discounted ICT products and services to its Members and their Associates. Providing them the opportunity to save and make money helping people they mentor to take advantage of them on a commission basis as they access the products and services through them.

We Offer the following services to our Members and Clients where they can get most ICT trainings, Website, Jingles, Logos, Animation Video editing, E-Commerce etc at huge discounts that they can use to help people around them and make money. The E-Commerce opens up our Members and their Clients products and services to over 10,000 prospective Customers online, Connecting these services through Digital Marketers, Pastors/Imams, Bankers, Cooperative Society Chairmen and SAs and PAs of Political Office holders as Agents, which attracts huge patronage and earnings from their Membership

and Clients size


FMG Platform offer Complimentary Business Support Services to its Members and their Associates to save them money and position them properly to do business


FMG Legal department offers professional advice and services at the instance of the platform to support our mentorship and business development consultation in positioning our mentees and business owners offering the following professional services

Corporate services

 Business Registration

 Do all types of Legal Agreements

Access consultations that are not requiring litigation This is made possible by our team of Professional Lead Lawyers as they train young Lawyers who go

through our Mentoring program


FMG Accounting Department offers professional advice and services at the instance of the platform to support our mentorship and business development consultation in positioning our mentees and business owners offering the following professional services


 Tax Clearance Certificates (TCC)

 Tax Identification Number (TIN)

 Filling of Tax returns (PAYE, WHT, VAT, CIT, CGT),

 Filling of annual returns with CAC-

 Accounting/Auditing

 Financial Accounting Services outsourcing-

 Management Accounting Services Outsourcing-

 External Auditing-

 Setting-up of accounting system-

 Forensic auditing/accounting-(Dynamic)

 Excess Bank Charges verification/auditing -(flat 10%) of the recovered sum/amount business Financing

 Getting business loans from government own Financial Institutions (Bank of Industry Ltd, NEXIM Bank Ltd, Infrastructure Bank Plc, Nigeria Agricultural, Cooperative, and Rural Development Bank, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, ), etc for their businesses Internal Control/Compliance

 Internal Control/Compliance

 Setting up of Internal Control

 Internal auditing function outsourcing

 Investigation


 Accounting Staff Training

 Internal Audit Staff Training

Documentation/Company Profiling





This is made possible by our team of Professional Lead Accountant as they train young Accountants


FMG Real Estate Hub offers strategically well-packaged wealth enhancing Real Estate schemes to its Members at very huge discounts, providing them a huge opportunity to owning their own homes at an affordable price, make money helping people offering stress and risk-free Home Ownership scheme that offers Properties for acquisition and investment purposes to its Members and Clients. Where they can;

 Buy Properties with their Mouth

 Buy a House with their Rent or Rents from their tenants

 Buy Properties within a year or two years less Bank interest cost

 Buy Properties with the equivalent of the equity contribution made for

 Mortgage

 Do Mortgage without need for Down payment

 Buy land and houses at 20% to 50% of the real value and lots more! “A Property worth N12m can be bought for as low as N3m and sold for N4m by an associate without necessarily actually paying for it. Selling 3 to 4 units gives the associate an opportunity to buy one for himself or use what ordinarily will buy one to buy 4 units making returns in excess of 20% with real estate investment